About Richard Prudhomme


     I'm a freelance photographer based in Rawdon, Quebec, who covers outdoor events and current     news items.

     My online collection contains Photoshop free original digital captures of real life scenes and events, to which fresh images are added to regularly.

      My photos are published in various newspapers,  magazines, calendars, books and web sites worldwide.

My online art prints are done by White House Custom Colour, .ased in Eagan, Minnesota. WHCC is a full service, professional photographic and press printer, offering complete lines of photographic prints on professional papers, finishing services and press printed greeting cards, products, books & albums.

For my Canadian clients, I also have art prints available at PhotoLab Yves Thomas situated in Montreal. 

      If you don't find the image you are looking for, e-mail me and I can create a lightbox for you at no extra cost.